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Excilor Nail Fungus Treatment Review

Find out how effective Excilor is at treating fungal infections

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Unless it’s treated quickly, a fungal nail infection can do serious damage to your nail. Over time it’ll weaken the nail, making it brittle and breakable. To avoid long-term damage, you need a treatment that’s fast and effective. Does Excilor fit the bill?

Excilor is a liquid solution that’s applied to your nail with a brush. Add Excilor just like you’d paint your nails with varnish. Excilor promises results within two weeks, with quick application every day. There should be no need to make much effort at all, when getting rid of your fungal infection.

If you’ve got nail fungus that’s damaging the nails, or impacting your confidence and stopping you from wearing your best shoes, could Excilor be the cure for your nail fungus woes? We’ve put it to the test to find out!

Pros and Cons

Like any product on the market that’s designed for nail fungal infections, Excilor won’t be completely perfect. Different products work for different people, so here are the immediate pros and cons of this liquid antifungal solution:


Excilor requires just two quick applications each day. It takes less than a minute to apply this product, then you can get on with everything that’s written in your diary. You don’t need to file your nails. Excilor will get straight to work.

There are multiple ways to apply Excilor, though the nail brush is the most common. If you’d prefer, there’s an application pen that costs the same. There’s also Excilor Ultra, which needs to be applied just once each day if twice-a-day application’s not convenient.

Excilor is about the same price as, and sometimes a bit cheaper than, other leading nail fungus treatments.


Excilor isn’t effective for everyone. Whilst some people get results within two weeks, others can be waiting much longer for their nails to recover. For a small number of people, Excilor simply won’t work at all. Whilst some reviewers describe Exilor as ‘the only thing that really works’, others say they’re ‘not convinced at all’. A lot of Excilor’s success will depend on the current state of your nail. Different types and levels of infection require different types of antifungal treatment.

With Excilor, you might have to take a risk. It’s a product better suited to mild fungal infections, rather than the most severe cases, and though treatment is effective it can often take a lot longer than the advertised two weeks.

How It Works

Excilor keeps things simple, with no need to file your nails down. Instead, you just apply the product twice a day with the provided applicator. Each application takes less than a minute, then you can get on with your day.

Once Excilor’s in place you can pull on a sock and get ready for the busy day ahead. At night, just remember to apply it again so it can keep working whilst you sleep.

One of the biggest benefits of using Excilor is how quick and convenient it is. Use the provided nail brush to apply the liquid-like nail polish, or instead choose an application pen if you’d find this a bit easier to use.

Some other leading names in fungal nail treatment have a longer application process. They require you to file the top of your nail, clean it and wait minutes for drying. With Excilor you simply apply and go, with no reason to follow several steps.

One small bottle of Excilor liquid is good for about 200 applications. This means that if you’re not lucky enough to see results within two weeks, you’ve got enough Excilor left to see you through another three months. If treatment’s taking longer than you’d originally hoped, you won’t need to buy another bottle.


Excilor does not contain parabens. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Though the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) currently approves paraben use in the UK and states that there’s no evidence not to, there are limited studies with results that suggest too many parabens can be bad for health. An overload of parabens is thought potentially to lead to hormone disruption and some cancers. At this time, parabens aren’t something to be too concerned about. But, like any good manufacturer, those behind Excilor see no reason to take risks when they don’t need to.

The ingredient list for Excilor is relatively short and simple. It contains ethyl lactate – a biodegradable and non-toxic liquid solvent – and acetic acid. Further ingredients are penetration enhancers to help it soak into your nail and a film-forming agent that’s used to make Excilor dry quickly and stick to the nail. Non-paraben preservatives are also used, so your Excilor lasts in your bathroom cupboard.


Using Excilor requires a little leap of faith. Though some reviewers praise it for very fast results, saying they wouldn’t use anything else, there are also those sitting three months later and seeing only minimal changes. You could get lucky, or be one of those that doesn’t see a big improvement straight away.

Remember that Excilor, like many other fungal nail infection products, is designed mainly for early invention. Once your fungal nail infection has developed and spread, you might need oral treatment. Applying products to your nails can reduce the infection, but if yours has been around for quite a long time then you shouldn’t expect a quick fix.

Likely, if you’ve caught your nail infection early you’ll get fast results with Excilor. If you’ve waited too long, expect to be applying this product for much longer than a month. Thankfully, one bottle is a three month supply so you won’t lose money if your treatment takes longer.

In rare cases, Excilor treatment can be required for up to a year. This is common with any topical treatment, and you’ll want to visit your GP for a prescription if you end up needing something stronger. Expect visible results fairly quickly, but be prepared to treat for up to a year if you want to get rid of the infection. Treating for a year means that your nails will recover and the fungus should completely disappear. Always treat for a bit longer than you need to, so you stop the infection from returning.

Where to Get It

There are lots of places to buy Excilor. In the UK you can get it from your nearest physical pharmacy like Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Boots or Superdrug. You can also buy it on eBay, though if you’re going down this route it’s very important to check where the product is coming from. Don’t be caught out by eBay listings that aren’t for a genuine product.

Another great way to get Excilor treatment is to buy it from a pharmacy online. There are now many different reputable online pharmacies that offer delivery.

Alternatively, why not order from Amazon? You can find the full range of Excilor products on Amazon, with prices often lower than other stores, and can also subscribe for regular deliveries until your treatment is complete. Subscribing reduces the price of each item, so you’ll end up paying less overall.

Even ordering online, you shouldn’t be waiting long for your Excilor delivery. Don’t worry, though. Whilst it’s best to start treatment as soon as possible, waiting a few extra days for delivery shouldn’t make a massive difference.

Overall Verdict

Before you try Excilor, it’s impossible to say how effective it will be. Some people use the product for less than a month, whilst others need to use it for a year.

To avoid disappointment, it’s best to assume that you’ll be using Excilor long-term. This isn’t a brand-specific problem, though, and is common with all topical treatments. Unless yours is a very mild case, treatment could take quite a long time. The most severe cases should only be treated with prescribed oral medication – if your infection’s already affecting nail structure, it’ll need more intensive treatment.

Go into this prepared to be applying Excilor twice a day for 6-12 months. You won’t wait that long to start seeing results but might find that your infection isn’t completely gone within the first few months of treatment. Continue treatment until there’s no sign of anything left because even the slightest residual fungus could spread again once you stop your treatment.

Excilor’s understandably a popular choice because it’s so easy to use. Other products might require you to file your nails down, or sit around for five minutes whilst they dry. With Excilor, you don’t need to file your nails and application’s done in less than one minute. After 60 seconds you can pull your socks on, grab your shoes and get on with your day. That’s this product’s biggest plus point – incredible convenience for those hectic mornings.

Excilor FAQs

Does Excilor contain any potentially dangerous chemicals?

Excilor’s ingredient list is limited to only the essentials. Ingredients are safe and this product is free from parabens. Everything that’s used is non-toxic, and completely biodegradeable. You’re not applying any nasty chemicals, or anything that can cause damage if it’s applied correctly and if you’re not allergic.
Some people may have an allergic reaction, as with any cosmetic product. If you notice any signs of an allergy, stop using the product straight away. You can speak to your own GP to find a more suitable alternative.

Is Excilor available over the counter?

Excilor is available without prescription from online and physical pharmacies. You don’t need to visit your GP before you start your fungal nail treatment. You can treat your fungal nail infection very discreetly.
If you feel that over the counter products aren’t working for you, then it could be the case that your infection has been left too long and done more damage. It may need a more intensive treatment, probably including some oral medication that’ll get to the root of the problem. There’s no harm in trying Excilor first, but do make sure that you speak to your GP if the problem isn’t being resolved.

What’s the difference between Excilor and Excilor Ultra?

About 50% more expensive, Excilor Ultra works for 24 hours. You only need to apply it once a day, which could save precious minutes here and there. With Excilor Ultra you’ll feel a thick layer of a dried gel-like substance on your nail. This product clings on, and at the same time the next day you’ll peel it before you start again.

How long will Excilor fungal nail treatment last?

Used according to instructions, a standard bottle of Excilor will last for three months. The pen applicator contains a lot less, so will be used up a lot quicker.
Excilor says that you’ll see results once you’ve been treating your nails for two weeks. Don’t expect this to be the end of your treatment unless you caught the problem very early. Likely, you’ll need to use the full bottle and might need to order a few more.
Expect treatment to last between 3 and 12 months, until your infection’s all gone. Don’t be tempted to stop too early, as anything you leave behind could soon spread and cause further problems. Be prepared to use four bottles of Excilor at most.

Can Excilor be used for warts and skin tags?

Don’t get confused! There are other Excilor products that are designed to treat skin tags and warts, but these aren’t the same as Excilor for fungal nails. If you want to treat warts, verrucas or skin tags you’ll need to find the relevant product.
To treat fungal nail infections, you’ll specifically need Excilor or Excilor Ultra for fungal nail infections. This comes as a liquid in a pen applicator, or in a bottle with a brush for application. Look out for dark pink colours on the box, if you’re trying to find it on a shelf. The wart treatment uses a darker purple and the skin tag treatment uses paler pink.

Excilor box
Excilor Nail Fungus Treatment Review
Ingredient Profile
Reader Rating44 Votes
Well priced
No need to file your nails
Simple to use
Not always very effective
Treatment can take a long time
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