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About us

All you need to know about who we are and what we do and offer.

Who are we?

Who are we? A bunch of people who are really (and kind of weirdly) interested in nail fungus. No, really. We are the leading site in the UK to help you with any and all queries relating to the not-so-sexy subject of fungal nails. We know that you’re probably on our page using incognito mode to find out about all things relating to nail fungus – and that’s okay. We want you to stick around and read up on the myriad of information available to you when it comes to tackling your fungal friend.

What do we do?

So what can you expect as you click around our site? Well, firstly you can rest assured that what you’re reading is legitimate. All our site content is medically reviewed by a medical professional or dermatologist. They know what they’re talking about and they’re here to double-check everything. We try to ensure the information here is as accurate as possible and you can sleep easy at night because of it – though, not as easy as you’ll sleep once this irritation is out of your hair (or nails, more accurately).

Our website breaks down what nail fungus actually is, how to identify it, how to treat it (how not to treat it as well – that’s as important!) and there are a bunch of frequently asked questions that you can skip to if you’re more of a Q&A person.

We look into the best nail fungus treatments for hands and feet, as well as the best products that are available in the UK. Everything that we recommend to you has hyperlinks so that you can easily click on your desired purchases and be redirected to the product’s site. We review a wide variety of fungal nail treatments so that you can spare yourself hours of research spent combing through the web.

We also address some home remedies and touch on which of them are worth a try and which you definitely need to steer clear of. We’ll even help you to navigate the tricky territory of medical ingredients (very, very big words that don’t explain a darn thing. Amorolfine? What is that? A Tolkien character?).

In a nutshell…

Basically, we’re here to hold your (fungal) hand while we educate you on every single element of this temporary irritation that’s keeping you company. We’re here to remind you that you haven’t turned into an ogre. Anyone can get a nail fungus. It’s just that we don’t usually post this kind of thing on our Tinder bios or in our Instagram stories.

Before and After - Toenails
We’ll help you get your nails back on track.

We know you want to get your toes and fingers back to their former glory so that you don’t need to skulk around sites like this and then delete your internet history. Our mission is to be as useful to you as possible while normalising the uncomfortable subject of fungal nails. In a nutshell…maybe we are trying to put the ‘fun’ in ‘fungus’? (Sorry!)

So let’s get started, shall we? Where do you want to head next? A summary? Reviews? FAQS? Home remedies? Click on to take the first steps in asking this unwanted guest to leave!